2nd Opinions

A 2nd opinion can make a real difference, sometimes a life-saving one.

So many pets have benefited from our 2nd opinions, we offer them free of charge. So, if, on the rare occasion, you’re unsure about a diagnosis, you are very welcome to come and see one of our specialist team.

We offer integrated veterinary care (general, primary, specialist, hospital & 24hr emergency care), with state-of-the-art equipment and facilities, to support our experienced team. We consult on a lot of 2nd opinions.

It’s perfectly natural to want a 2nd opinion, especially if a pet needs surgery or is diagnosed with a serious condition, which may potentially require invasive treatment. Our clients tell us that we often have a different approach, with options and treatment strategies, not covered by other practices.

It’s also an informal way for you to meet our team, and to find out how we may be able to support you and your pet. There is no obligation to stay with us, or to follow any diagnostic or treatment plan we may suggest. Sometimes it’s just reassuring to have a 2nd opinion, when faced with the responsibility of an important decision, which may affect your pet’s quality of life.

We commit to always doing our best, to support what is right for you and your pet.