Why Choose Voo?

We believe in providing the very best in veterinary medicine and pet healthcare, to always ensure the best possible outcomes for the pets we treat, to help you and your pets live life to the full...


We think a little differently. We believe that our integrated approach to pet health and continuity of care, combining primary, advanced care, 24hr emergency and hospital care, offers something unique and very special. 

As a family owned and run group, with an established local history, we are friendly, caring and approachable. We love looking after the local pet community and take a great deal of pride in being able to make a difference to you and your pets.

We know pets are part of the family and we always treat your pets with the same respect, love, care and compassion, as if they are our own. We promise to do our utmost and always commit to doing what is right for you and your pets.

Clicking the icons below, will show some of the reasons why you tell us we are special, and why you trust us to be your vet.

Integrated Healthcare

Our approach to integrated veterinary medicine and pet healthcare, sets us apart from many practices. We combine primary, advanced care, 24hr emergency and hospital care.

All our practices are connected, so should your pet ever need to use our emergency services, we will always know your pet’s history, treatments and medications, which is essential and can be life-saving.

We realised that by combining primary and specialist practice, we could provide the very best of care for your pets within our group, without the need for external referral to an unfamiliar clinic. A complimentary transport service between your local practice and our hospital in Surbiton is here to help, so there’s less stress for you and we can all focus on your pet’s health and recovery. 

Our primary and advanced care veterinary teams work together seamlessly, so as well as local practice support for every day care, your pet will always have access to the best advanced care and advice. With their knowledge and experience, supported by state of the art equipment and facilities, our teams can quickly and accurately diagnose, and discuss all the options available.

Similar to the world of human medicine, some vets undertake further training, to become experts or advanced practitioners in certain areas of veterinary medicine, such as surgery. We are lucky to have some of the very best, in their fields, as part of our team.

Everything is coordinated and supported by your local veterinary team, who you and your pet know and trust. They will help you make the right decisions and are always there to help you throughout the process. This also ensures continuity of care, through any required assessment, testing, diagnosis, treatment, recovery, rehabilitation and ongoing care.

Our approach to integrated healthcare is creating amazing outcomes for the pets we treat and we commit to always doing our best, to support what is right for you and your pet.

Bedside Manner

Every pet owner needs a vet they can trust and freely communicate with. This is the heart of who we are: trustworthy, friendly and caring people. Our whole team are approachable and friendly and will make you and your pet feel at ease.

It is important to us that you can see the same vet and have continuity in care. This is what we provide. We call you when we say we will and we will look after your pet as our own. We will tell you what we would do if it was our own pet. 

The bond each person has with their pet is unique. This is something our vets really respect. Because of this, we always listen to you and respect your views. We will always provide the best advice but you are part of the decision making process from the start.

You will always be able to trust our team's advice and can talk to anyone if you have any concerns. Otherwise, feel free to pop in and just say ‘hi’ and pick up some treats (for your pet).

Emergency Services

Unlike other practices we have a dedicated team for emergency and hospital care. We don’t contract out or outsource our emergency work. When you register with any one of our practices, you have immediate access to this emergency service. Emergencies are usually seen at the Surbiton Veterinary Hospital with 24 hour monitoring for those patients in need of the closest attention.

You have peace of mind knowing that when you really need us, we are there day and night.

No matter which one of our clinics you normally visit, our emergency team have access to all your pet’s medical records thanks to our secure IT network.

And, you don’t need to collect your pet the next day like some other emergency providers. Once a pet is hospitalised with us, they stay with us until they are better.

We will keep you well informed regarding your pet's progress with regular phone calls, messages and pictures. You can also visit at any time.

Our emergency and hospital vets are dedicated to this role and with expert training will provide your loved one with uninterrupted care.


We want the best for your pet and we do not want price to be an obstacle. That’s why we checked every aspect of our care for fair pricing and great value.

When it comes to everyday things like vaccinations, flea and worming prevention we offer Voo I’m Loved and Voo Essentials. This ensures your pet’s preventative care can fit into every family’s budget. The last thing we want is for your loved one to miss out on essential preventative care because of cost. The plans also include discounts on medications, specialist and emergency care. So the savings can be great and there are no joining fees.

We will always tell you the price upfront before planning any next steps. There are no hidden costs and we always consult with you, before incurring any extras. By knowing upfront how much it will cost, you can better plan for what lies ahead.

If you would like to transfer to Voo from another practice we will price match wherever we can, especially on long-term medications. 

When more expensive care is needed we can look after all the paperwork on your behalf. This includes direct insurance claims saving you additional stress. In some cases we can offer payment plans or cap your bill to help remove the uncertainty.

New puppies and kittens can benefit from our Headstart Plan at a one off price of £136. This includes everything to get them started, like vaccinations and flea/worming treatment, and we do not charge you any consult fees for the first 6 months! 

And, most importantly our care is never compromised.

ProActive Individualised Care

Why are all our practices set-up with cutting edge diagnostic equipment and an integrated specialist team?

Because we know that early detection and intervention creates better outcomes and healthier pets. It is what we love doing.

It is always better to quickly find the underlying problem then to just treat the symptoms.

And by finding the underlying problem quicker we can avoid longer hospitalisation and complications. We give you the best options available and your pets feel better quicker - that’s really important to us.

When needed, our care programs carefully monitor successful treatments in chronic illnesses like kidney disease, diabetes, arthritis or weight management. By keeping a close eye, which could involve regular blood tests, we can quickly predict problems before you even notice them. This really improves the quality of life for your pet.

We never recommend anything unnecessary and always make sure you know what we are recommending and why. We are flexible with your opinions and with your budget. Your opinions are the most important part of the decision making process.

Quality Assurance

We want to set the highest benchmark in quality assurance because we have a responsibility to ensure your pet is always receiving the best care possible.  

Therefore, we regularly audit our work to make sure we are performing to expected outcomes. 

Our vets have weekly case reviews and group training with senior practitioners or specialist vets. This is how we ensure consistency in the level of care we provide and ensure our team are up-to-date and performing to the best standards possible.

Our nurses are qualified and registered. They too go through regular training and specialisation.

We have the highest standards for infection control and sterility in each practice. We ensure our equipment is properly checked before it is used. Pets having an anesthetic or surgery are monitored with the best possible monitoring equipment to ensure complete safety.

Thoughtful Design

By thoroughly thinking through the design of each practice we knew we could create a safer, stress free environment for you and your pet.

Our waiting rooms are designed as natural living spaces. Neutral colours, natural light, sofas, armchairs and a friendly receptionist for a warm welcome and a stress-free visit. Treats, for pets, are at hand. Wherever possible we have separated dog and cat waiting areas to further reduce stress.

Our warm, comfortable kennels are custom built in each clinic and our operating theaters are separate from everyday work areas. This reduces the risk of infection.

Our Surbiton hospital is designed for long stay patients. There are separate wards for dogs, cats, intensive care and isolation to further protect more infectious patients. The wards are comfortable, warm, spacious and well equipped. The use of glass in the kennels creates a stress free environment for your pets to recover.

You are welcome to have a detailed tour of any Voo you visit. The staff will proudly show you around.  

Life Saving Equipment

Like most practices we have the usual standard equipment such blood-testing machines,  laboratory equipment, digital X-rays, ultrasound, autoclaves, theatre lights..... However, we want to give your pets the very best of care and because we perform specialist work we added a few extras you’d normal find in hospitals for people.

Dis-infector Units (for non-autoclavable equipment)
All surgical, anesthetic and hospital equipment are put into the dis-infector after use. It is a minimum requirement for humans but not for pets. Dis-infector units help reduce the risk of cross contamination and infection and keep your pets safe whatever they are coming into the practice for.

Advanced anesthetic monitoring
You’ll find these in hospitals for people so we thought your pets deserved them too. Having an anesthetic always carries some risk but by using multi-parameter monitoring we can help keep a pet safe during an operation and predict problems before they happen.

Minimal invasive surgery
Like humans, pets recovery quicker with minimally invasive surgery and we have the full range for all types of surgeries. Laparoscopy (key hole) which is great for spaying; arthroscopy for the investigation and treatment of joint diseases or endoscopy for the visualisation and sampling of the bowel, ears, nose, throat and chest.

Emergency set-up:
Each practice, especially the ICU room at our Surbiton Hospital, is fully set up with all the necessary equipment to save lives. Infusion pumps, syringe drivers, blood transfusions are just a short list of what is available.

We continually invest in all our practices and make sure we keep pace with all technological advances.