Anaesthetics & Surgery

Should your pet ever need an anaesthetic for a surgical procedure, we take all possible precautions, to ensure it goes safely and smoothly from start to finish, and through recovery. Modern anaesthesia is now very safe, involves a balanced, multi-modal approach and careful monitoring. Our commitment is to provide the highest levels of standards and quality of care, for all aspects of anaesthesia and monitoring, for all our patients.

We use the safest, latest, up-to-date techniques, to provide a gentle induction and maintenance of anaesthesia, throughout the procedure. Pain relief is provided as standard in all our anaesthetic regimes. We can also perform more specialised techniques for pain relief, such as nerve blocks, when appropriate for a pet and its condition.

We carefully monitor vital parameters, such as; blood pressure, oxygen saturation and carbon dioxide levels. During longer procedures, we use multi-parameter monitors, similar to those deployed in human hospitals. This ensures the precise adjustment of anaesthesia, the detection of and attention to any potential issues, as quickly as possible, resulting in the safest possible procedure.

Surgical procedures are always performed in a dedicated operating room. This ensures a strict aseptic technique, to prevent the risk of infection and reduce the need for antibiotics following an operation.

On the day of the procedure, a vet or nurse takes time to run through your consent form and will make sure your pet settles into a warm and comfortable kennel, before undergoing the pre-operative assessment.

Following surgery, patients recover in a quiet area, where nurses closely monitor recovery, making sure pets are comfortable, with plenty of TLC. Wounds are checked regularly and if needed, a buster collar is placed. At a suitable time during the recovery process, water is given and if everything is as expected, a small amount of food follows.

After all surgical procedures the vet will go through all the discharge instructions and will be happy to answer any questions you may have.