Key-Hole Spay (Laparoscopy/Arthroscopy)

Key-hole surgery is part of our on-going commitment to provide minimally invasive surgical procedures, to ensure the least discomfort and quickest possible recovery, for all the pets we care for.

It involves tiny incisions, which allow us to place ports into the abdomen or chest cavity. These ports enable equipment to be passed through the scope, making it possible for us to see into the area with a camera, alongside any instruments needed.

We use a key-hole approach to perform a variety of procedures, such as; spaying (neutering), removal of an undescended testicle, a preventative gastropexy, to treat a hiatal hernia or obtain a biopsy sample from internal organs.

This technique eliminates the need for a larger incision, typically used in conventional surgery and is proven to speed recovery in people and pets. Surgery is performed under general anaesthetic, in strict, sterile conditions, by our highly trained team of vets, specialists and anaesthetists.

Arthroscopy is a type of key-hole surgery, used to investigate and treat joint conditions and is performed by our team of specialists.

Some pets and conditions are not suitable for a key-hole approach, so a more conventional surgical approach may be needed. Your vet will be happy to discuss the options with you, to ensure the right decision is made for your pet.