Our pets need to be immunised, to ensure they are safe. Vaccines help to prevent some very nasty illnesses and are key to preventing some bugs which are difficult and expensive to treat. Some vaccinations only last for a year, others offer protection for up to 3 years. At each annual vaccination consultation, we will assess your pet’s needs, to ensure we only ever give them what they need.

When you pop in to see us for an annual booster, we also perform a free health-check. If we don’t see your pet often, this annual check-up is important, to ensure we are able to detect any changes in your pet’s health, as early as possible. Sometimes changes occur which aren’t obvious or visible, so this also provides reassurance. We typically check; teeth, weight, heart, ears, eyes, joints and skin. For our senior pets, our assessment may include checking blood pressure, or a blood test if there are any concerns, or known conditions we are monitoring.

Kittens and puppies need a primary course of vaccinations. Typically for cats, this is 3-4 weeks apart and for dogs 2-4 weeks apart. It may be worth considering Voo Headstart (insert link), a healthcare plan designed specifically for kittens and puppies, which includes all essential care for the first 6 months, in the most cost effective way possible. After the primary course, vaccinations move to an annual booster.

For dogs, kennel cough is not routinely included in the vaccination protocol, but is worth considering for certain dogs, especially those who socialise often, visit doggy day care or before a kennel stay.

Annual booster vaccination consultations are also a good time to collect flea and worming treatments and tick protection. A chat with the vet will help to decide what works best for you and your pet. It may be worth considering one of the Voo Healthcare Plans, a great way to ensure all the essential care needed for your pet is provided, at the best possible value.

When your pet is due an annual booster vaccination, you will receive a reminder from us. So we are able to contact you, please ensure that your records are up to date and include your address, email and mobile number.