If you have concerns about your pet, the best thing to do is to book an appointment to see us, as soon as possible. Our appointments are typically for 15-30 minutes, to ensure a consultation is not rushed. This enables us to carry out a thorough initial examination, from head to tail, to listen to your concerns, ask and answer any questions, to ensure we capture a detailed history.

Our consult rooms are well equipped to help us examine your pets. We can easily perform diagnostic procedures during a consultation, should they be required. These may include blood tests, blood pressure checks, urine/faecal samples, swabs and aspirates of lumps. We also have other members of the clinical team close-by, should we need an extra pair of hands.

Should it be needed, the vet will discuss and agree a plan with you. This may involve further diagnostic tests and/or treatment options. We will always be open and transparent in our approach, in presenting treatment plan options and in providing estimates for any next steps.

Should a treatment plan, rehabilitation program or time to recover after surgery be needed, we always like to see our patients for a re-check and review. Often symptoms improve before a pet has fully recovered, so we use these check-ups to ensure we are treating the illness or condition effectively, especially if antibiotics are used, and that no adjustments are needed. For chronic conditions, we often create a long-term plan which includes 3-6 month check-ups. This is invaluable, to help us detect any changes in your pet’s health, before symptoms become apparent.

We have a range of healthcare plans to suit every family’s lifestyle and budget. Our plans cover all essential care, such as vaccinations, flea and worming treatments and consultations. As well as helping to save money, they offer a host of additional benefits too, whether paid for in advance, or spread across the year in a simple, monthly fee.

Should your pet be diagnosed with a chronic illness, we also have a range of long-term illness care plans, to help minimise costs and support you and your pet, with careful monitoring and all the essential care needed, to keep them happy, healthy and well.

A 2nd Opinion can make a real difference, sometimes a life-saving one. So many pets have benefited from our 2nd opinions, we offer them free of charge. So, if, on the rare occasion, you’re unsure about a diagnosis, you are very welcome to come and see one of our specialist team.

We commit to always doing our best, to support what is right for you and your pet.

In the event of an emergency, or should you be worried about your pet, please contact our dedicated 24Hr Emergency Team on 07714 2958442